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Health and fitness technology is unlike other categories such as smartphones, laptops and gaming tech. It’s innately personal: for example, smartwatches and fitness trackers allow you to monitor your sleep, heart health, exercise habits, daily step counts and more, in a way no other technology can. 

Smartwatches typically fall into two categories thanks to the split between iPhone and Android users: the best Apple Watches, and everything else. If you use an iPhone and you’re looking for a smartwatch, you’re likely to be getting an Apple Watch unless you’re just looking for a slender fitness tracker. Android users have lots more options, many of which can be found in our best smartwatches guide. 

However, it’s not all about what you wear on your wrist. The ‘fitness tech’ umbrella includes all sorts of gadgets, such as smart rings, treadmills, exercise bikes, heart rate monitors and even running shoes. The level of technical expertise required to keep you comfortable and protect your joints on runs can make choosing a pair of running shoes very difficult, but we’ve done the legwork for you in our best running shoes guide.

If you’re interested in health and fitness and looking for the right purchases to step up your game, look no further. Whether you’re buying an entry-level fitness tracker or you’re ready to break a marathon personal best, we’ve got the right advice for you. 

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