Thank you very much to the following,
for everything they have done with Rad Kids in Alachua County!

Steve Daley, radKIDS Founder
Laura Holley
Cary Gallop, ASO
Sadie Darnell, ASO
PJ Mauldin, ASO
Lorraine Curtner, ASO
Toni Fulton, ASO

Nancy Marzouk-Brainerd, ASO
Sandi Myers, ASO
Katheryn Odom, ASO
Heather Phillips, ASO
Patrick Tombler, ASO
Stephen Weaver, GPD
Wendy Lord, GPD

Linda Stump, UFPD
John Savona, UFPD
Susan Pratt, UFPD
Jake Pruitt, UFPD
Charlie Lane
Pam Korithoski, ACCPTA
Mary Benedict, ACCPTA

Khanh-Lien Banko, ACCPTA
Dottie Baker, HPW
Brenda Bayner
Lindsay Hester-Nunez
Kathy Sheffey
Marc & Lauren Douglass
Commissioner Ken Cornell
Superintendent Karen Clarke


And to the many dedicated radKIDS certified teachers, simulators, school administrators, and volunteers (to many to list here).

And our amazing sponsors!