Scholarship Request

Sponsoring Teachers, Guidance Counselors or BRT for certification as radKIDS Instructors

Instructor Class: June 11 – June 15 , 2018

(8am-5pm each day)

For Application Questions, please contact:

Lauren Douglass at The Flourish Children’s Foundation  –  (352) 494-0561

Scholarship Recipient Requirements include completing one or more grades for radKIDS per school year during in-school hours, completing a 40 hour certification class which must be attended for all hours, and scholarship recipient must be a school employee.

radKIDS Personal Empowerment and Safety Education Instructor Certification Program. This insightful 5 day-40 hour (8am-5pm each day) instructor certification program is an effective way to obtain your own Personal Safety Instructor(s) and then offer this consistently structured, proactive children’s personal empowerment and safety education program to your community and schools.

radKIDS is being taught in school hours, during physical education and health classes at schools across the nation. radKIDS meets or exceeds the core educational standards for Elementary PE/Health in all 50 States.

The course is taught in a relaxed environment, which is conducive to learning researched instructional techniques, proven tactics, and unique insight about the problem of violence against children. From awareness to personal skills and empowerment, this developmental education program covers it all, including realistic simulation training and activity-based drills. Registration includes all program materials, instructor curriculum, and upon successful completion of the class, National Instructor Certification.

Tuition for this program is $495.00 per attendee. Scholarships are being provided by Flourish Children’s Foundation.

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