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The Flourish Children’s Foundation is a local organization established to help spread awareness and help expand RadKids into schools in Alachua County. The following information is from the national organization:

radKIDS®, Inc. is the national leader in children’s safety, with headquarters based in South Dennis, Massachusetts. radKIDS® is brought to children and parents by the training and development of nationally certified instructors, professional educators, school teachers, law enforcement educators/School Resource Officers, recreation and health professionals, Boys and Girls Clubs, YMCA’s and perhaps most importantly parent volunteers. By empowering a community with certified local instructors, theradKIDS® Personal Empowerment Safety Education program is not just a program but a true gift to the community, a gift that can be shared with hundreds if not every child in your community. The number one comment and evaluation from parents and grandparents across the nation having experienced and shared radKIDS® with their loved ones is, “Why is radKIDS® not in every school across the nation?” Together, we can find a way to share radKIDS® with you, your child and your community.

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radKIDS® Making A Difference

radKIDS® strengthens family, encourages physical fitness, teaches realistic physical skills and core safety values to live by through its program. The radKIDS curriculum is a fun, activity-based program including lectures, safety drills, physical skills to resist or stop violence or harm, and dynamic simulation. We believe that every child deserves personal and life skills to live safer.

radKIDS® primary mission is to share the radKIDS® developmental curriculum in schools and educational facilities. By certifying educators to share radKIDS® with children, we can and do enhance the culture and climate in schools. Reducing bullying and absenteeism while increasing the focus and time in the learning environment, and thereby increasing the evaluated outcome of both the students and the schools.

radKIDS® can also be shared through community based educational programs offered as after school programs, day camps, recreation programs, law enforcement educational initiatives, as well as through scouting and religious youth groups and even concerned parents and adults who truly want to help make a difference in the life of a child.

  • 250,000 children have been trained in the radKIDS® personal Empowerment Safety education program.
  • More than 4800 community based instructors have been trained in over 46 states and Canada.
  • 96 children threatened with abduction used their skills and returned safely to their families.
  • Hundreds of children spoke up and got the help they needed to stop the abuse.

Through radKIDS® training, children become empowered and learn to replace the fear, confusion, and panic or dangerous situations with confidence, personal safety skills, and self-esteem.

radKIDS® Curriculum topics include:

  • radKIDS® Revolutionary Bullying Prevention Program that is WORKING today: “Taught Through the Eyes of a Child”
  • Preventing/Stopping Predator Tricks including Physical Resistance Strategies against Abduction
  • Internet Safety
  • Personal Touch and Personal Space Safety (Good. Bad, Uncomfortable/Unwanted Touch) Featuring “Sam’s Secret”
  • Home, School, Out & About Safety (Parks, Fairs, Playgrounds, Beaches, Stores, Malls) all Through the Eyes of the Child


Since its inception in 2000, radKIDS®, Inc. has been committed to providing education that enhances the ability of children and parents to utilize knowledge, skills, and power to protect themselves from violence and harm.


The radKIDS® Personal Empowerment Safety Education program is a 10-hour family centered safety education program that emphasizes essential decision-making skills as well as physical resistance options to escape violence. radKIDS® is a life skills educational model that enhances natural instincts with real skills while increasing the foundational resiliency skills we all need to not only survive but excel. Children from 5-13 years of age participate in the program with their adult partners to create a true safety partnership.

“There is no better investment for a community and society than to invest in their children’s safety and well-being. As we stand today, approximately 22% of our population is comprised of children; we can be assured they make up 100% of our future.” – Stephen M. Daley, radKIDS Executive Director.

National Network

Community-based organizations and local instructors receive training and support from national headquarters to provide the radKIDS® program as a part of their own youth work. These groups, which have safety goals compatible with those of radKIDS®, include police departments, educational organizations, civic groups, fraternal organizations, faith-based groups, citizens’ groups and concerned parents.

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The radKIDS® Personal Empowerment Safety Education program has recognized the viability and potential for success in providing appropriate safety education to preschool aged children. Activities will emphasize character development, citizenship training, and personal fitness as well as assist in the foundational abilities of a child to solve conflict through empowerment instead of fear or anger.

Peer Mentoring program

Under the direction of the adult instructors, certified Peer Mentors range in age from 15-18 years of age. Designed to provide additional instructional aid to students, Peer Mentors develop a bond and a friendship to younger children while providing a positive role model. Peer Mentors are good listeners, people who care, people who want to help younger people bring out strengths that are already there. The radKIDS curriculum is a peer based educational model that also encourages young radKIDS graduates to fill the role of informal mentors and peer leaders while assisting the certified instructors share the radKIDS curriculum.

Parent Education and Resources

radKIDS® believes that effective safety education is greatly enhanced when a parent takes an active role in the education process. radKIDS® classes are designed to encourage parent interaction though activity and exercise. The radKIDS® parent manual outlines all information and topics presented to children in radKIDS® to provide parents the opportunity for additional conversation outside the classroom environment with homework and personal skill building exercises. Parent handouts are supplied covering a wide range of relevant safety issues. Resources and information are also available to parents via the radKIDS® website. In addition, radKIDS provides a monthly parent newsletter called Teachable Moments covering a wide array of current and relevant safety topics providing the opportunity for a true family education and partnership.

College Program

radKIDS® has established a three-credit college course for college students who want to become radKIDS® instructors. Since the program began, student instructors have been offering the radKIDS® program to their college’s community, at elementary schools, and local community centers.


The Kids Khronicle is a monthly newsletter for all certified instructors within the radKIDS National Alliance of Instructors for continued instructor development and networking. Designed as a communication and information tool, its purpose is to provide cutting edge support and concepts to our national network of instructors.

Instructor Certification Program

This insightful 40-hour instructor’s program presenting the radKIDS® curriculum is taught in a relaxed environment over a five day period. Participants are provided with history and insight about the problem of violence against children and are given the necessary training and techniques to empower children to avoid, resist and if necessary escape violence and harm.

Financial Support

The National Headquarters is supported through income generated from instructor certification courses, instructor re-certification/re-licensing fees, equipment sales, foundation grants, fundraising events held throughout the year, and through special contributions.

On the local level, community based organizations and/or instructors that present the radKIDS® program provide meeting places and often furnish program materials. Families often help to defer costs by paying registration fees to cover costs of instructional materials and supplies.